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With a birthplace in Casablanca Morocco, Natalie Waldman was born into a world of exoticism. Having a creative, glamorous Moroccan Mother greatly imprinted upon Natalie her deep love of bold colour, repeat patterning, the confident freedom to create, a wellspring from which sprung her natural talent.


As an adult, Natalie became a professional make-up artist. She was fortunate to work with many talented professional photographers in Toronto – when Toronto became home. Each new client’s face felt like a blank canvas.  Natalie delighted in building up her artistic skills, using shading and contouring with make-up to enhance the best features of her clients. This was the foreshadowing what has now emerged in Natalie’s current life.


Twenty years ago, Natalie made the decision to transition her maturing artistic ability into the world of Canadian fashion jewelry design. Natalie’s bold and highly sought after designs, using metal and brass findings, Swarovski crystals and vintage embellishments made their way into top department stores such as Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom both in Canada and the USA as well as many established boutiques. Natalie was featured in Canadian fashion magazines such as Elle Canada, Dolce Vita Luxury magazine,  Jeanne Beker’s  F.Q (Fashionably Quarterly Magazine), The Globe and Mail, The Bayview Post, and was chosen as one of Canada’s Emerging Canadian Fashion Jewelry Designers.


Natalie, has always possessed an insatiable appetite to create. With this in mind Natalie recently  made the decision to pivot into a new world of visual art. This beckoning was both strong and felt incredibly compelling.


Natalie has now found her métier.


Natalie’s  signature Neo-expressionistic style, repleat with intoxicating bold color, mesmerizing repetition of pattern and drama will always be imbued with exoticism – the bloodline of her very being.

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