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Natalie Waldman

Traces of self discovery of my artistic voice revert back to my time spent as a high end successful
Canadian jewelry designer. After 20 years of creativity and design in the jewelry realm, the floodgates were flung wide open, materially, creatively and collectively into a new visual language, my Neoexpressionism style of painting.
The arch between these two mediums felt natural, effortless in fact.
The lightbulb moment erupted. I realized right then and there, I had been painting art images in my
mind without ever picking up a brush.
This ushered in a new expression of being an artist- a visual artist.
I had been imagining this for a very long time.
It was time to pick up a paint brush and express this new intense visual language which had been repressed for far too long. An inner volcano had now erupted with fury.

Herein lies my new genre. It is raw, intentionally powerful, and primitively poetic.
Before I begin every new painting, I scrawl words and images upon my canvas using charcoal or oil pastels that describe personal raw emotions. This is a first step in my creative process.
I then begin to cover up the words and images as I paint sections compositionally on the canvas
using a variety of different shapes that work together in balance and harmony.
I build up my paintings, layer upon layer, shade upon shade, with bold, amplified jewel tones of
glorious colours.
My unbridled brushstrokes become wild, free and unchained. Broad slashes of black, coupled with a periodic stroke of white are used to highlight the composition.
There is a deep sense of excitement at this stage of the painting. The pentimento of those scrawled
words and images have now disappeared beneath many layers of paint.
Layer upon layer of colour acts like a blanket to hide my intense inner emotions. The words and
images that are now immersed within the painting, are still fresh and present in my mind.
As my painting builds towards a climax, it spawns hope-my hope.
Darkness disappears into light.

I am an artist who thinks well outside of the box. Or to put it another way, I am an artist who does not see the box at all. I am drawn to
Neo expressionism because this allows me to use primitivism, symbology and thrilling colours to
create my authentic visual storytelling.
It chose me-it was time.

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